We just rolled out some enhancements to the Dashboard!

Apple vs Flash - place your bets

Steve jobs is revered in more ways than one. So to see someone respond to ‘god’ in a matter-of-fact manner is refreshing.

HR Summit 2010

Attending the HR Summit 2010 @ suntec with my many HR colleagues! Its almost like a mini-retreat :)

I have been a fan of pbworks ( for some time already. As the free edition was so good, I never really had strong reasons to commit to the premium edition.

Recently, I had opportunity to try the premium edition, and I have to admit that this hosted wiki solution is really as good as they say. But, don’t just trust me/them, try it out yourself. So good, you have to try it to believe it!

What is an enabling infrastructure?

Frank Starmer

Meet Dr Frank Starmer, Associate Dean for Learning Technologies, Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University, Duke - National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School.

I had the good fortune to meet up with Dr. C. Frank Starmer and hear his insights on an enabling IT infrastructure. I agree with his perspective on how Education is in transition from remembering to thinking.

Frank’s an avid photographer who uses photography to enhance teaching and learning. He probably was a spider in another life.

Frank left a lasting impression of a person who is most passionate with what he do, how he is in the “enabling” business and someone who practices what they preach. Hope one day to have a chance to work together with him.

Pinnacle of Public Housing @ Duxton

How often does one’s home get massive coverage in the local news, a wikipedia entry, its own forum & facebook page set up at the same time?

The Pinnacle@Duxton is Singapore’s most impressive HDB public housing project thus far. I am glad to be one of those holding keys to this impressive project. Yet another thing to share with family and friends. A note to my friends visiting from overseas, now there’s another place for you to check out!

Nope. Its not a condominium. Its public housing. Really :)


GovSg2.0 - Day 1

So far so good. Mike Kujawski sharing quite a lot of useful insights on web2.0. Striking quite a good balance between the tools and strategies.

Interesting fact: Fastest growing group using Facebook? Women in age group of 45-55! Honestly, how many of you knew that? :)

GovSg2.0 just a fad?

Mike Kujawski (googled him) is conducting a 2 day workshop (10, 11Dec09)  on "10 Steps Fast Forward Social Media Strategies for public sector" @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore.

I wonder if its really that simple. Looking forward to it!

Interesting blog he has.

Nice Hari Raya Long Weekend

Back from an extended long weekend get-away with the family. Happy & refreshed.

Checking out ACTA @ IAL

IALNice Building, lush green surroundings and training room at Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). Its our old MOE building.

For next 4 days, I will be going through “CU3A: Design & Develop a WSQ Facilitated Training Program”.

Its only 1 out of 6 modules necessary to complete the ACTA certification. All in, its about $10,000 and 100+ hrs of training to get the full ACTA certification. Fortunately its sponsored by the company.

Paid to learn during office hours. No bond. Sweet.